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As of 2022, the Buffalo River is considered the 8th most endangered river in the US due to commercial development along its river banks

How We're Helping

Since 2019, Blue Sail Coffee has worked with the Buffalo River Foundation as a donor and advocate to support their projects. We donate 2% of our profits to this non-profit organization. Additionally in 2023, we are looking forward to an upcoming land acquisition project to make an even greater impact!

Going Beyond The Bean

Blue Sail Coffee exists to inspire people to adventure more, because we believe that adventuring can change lives and change the world for the better. And to adventure, you need beautiful land!! Therefore, it's our mission and duty to protect our most beloved Arkansas adventure spaces.

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Blue Sail Coffee

Protecting the Buffalo River and making an impact!

We guarantee everything we roast.

Because we know prioritizing freshness and quality results in consuming less energy, wasting less water, and creating less trash.

Know how your coffee is grown.

Everything we do has an impact on people and the planet. This is why we make the extra effort to be environmentally and socially responsible.

We give back for every sale.

We’ve pledged 2% of sales towards conservation efforts to preserve and restore the natural environment.