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Compass Blend (aka Tier II)

Compass Blend (aka Tier II)

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Two words: Crowd Pleaser

After cupping 30+ coffee samples from around the globe we decided on this particular coffee from Guatemala that we believe will be a perfect flavor profile for anyone who is ordering quick cup.  Whether you need a caffeine fix and want it with cream and sugar, or love coffee and just don’t have time for a pourover, it’s a great option for all coffee drinkers. 

The Tier II Blend gets its name from the fact that we spent TWICE the amount of time and effort finding this coffee than any other coffee we’ve ever offered.

12oz bag 

Cupping Score: 85

Tastes like: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Cherry Liqueur

Pairs well with: Sweater weather, Mondays, Brunch with friends

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