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Colombia Limited-Release 2024 - 8oz

Colombia Limited-Release 2024 - 8oz

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The Colombian Coffee, awarded an impressive score of 94 by Coffeereview.com, is Kyle's Favorite Limited Release. Experience coffee like never before with our latest limited release! Sourced from the highlands of Colombia, this coffee is a true gem, handpicked and processed with care to bring you an unparalleled tasting experience. Hernando’s Coffee from Colombia is complex, boasting notes of tangerine, herbs, and cocoa.

Watch our Founder Kyle and Hernando in action, on the farm in Colombia! Witness the passion and the journey of your next favorite coffee from its roots to your cup.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Processing: Our beans undergo a unique lactic acid process at the award-winning mill, La Palma y Tucan, enhancing flavor complexity and bringing out delightful tasting notes.

  • Revolutionary Soil Health: Grown in a challenging environment with extreme temperatures and conditions, our coffee thrives thanks to our innovative approach to soil health using "biochar." Stressful growing conditions? No problem! Stress is actually good for the coffee planet, and great for your taste buds!

About Don Hernando:

Don Hernando, aged 71, boasts over 40 years of coffee farming experience. He took a significant leap over 13 years ago by purchasing his farm, La Guirnalda, nestled in Zipacon village at an altitude of 1500 meters. His one-hectare coffee plantation, along with additional foliage sold locally, sustains his income. Raised amidst coffee growers in Zipacon, his passion for coffee cultivation began at a young age and persisted into adulthood due to its long-term profitability. Despite facing medical issues with his back in recent years, he remains committed to coffee farming. With three sons and one daughter, none share his passion for coffee cultivation. This marks his second year in the program, where he's noticed a notable difference, especially appreciating assistance with physical labor. He aspires to continue coffee farming with the program's support for years to come.

Coffeereview.com Feedback:

Richly aromatic, sweetly savory. Pineapple kefir, cocoa nib, lavender, pink grapefruit zest, lemon verbena in aroma and cup. Briskly sweet-savory acidity; plush, satiny mouthfeel. Especially long, lingering finish that extends the promise of the cup.

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